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Welcome to autumn_of_glee!

We're based on summer_of_spike and summer_of_giles. We loved the idea so much we've made an Autumn of Glee.
Autumn of Glee is a 3 month extravaganza of Glee! We'll take sign ups over the months of July and August and then September, October and November will be dedicated to the very wonderful Glee!

What we do is we get you lovely people to sign up for 1 or 2 days through these 3 months and post anything you like that is dedicated to the show we all love so much. What can you post? Graphics, Videos, Fanfiction, Ficlets and so an and so forth.

Dates and stuff
*Sign-ups begin on 1st July and end on 30th August.
*Posting will begin on the 1st of September.
*Posting will end on 30th November.

Rules and Info
*Only post on the dates you are assigned if for some reason after signing up you can not stick to that date, let the mods know asap so that another date can be arranged etc. At least 24 hours notice would be great!

*Your mods are coffee_in_bed_1 and diddymus

*Anything you most must be original, made by you. Links to other peoples graphics etc will not be accepted.

*This is a place to appreciate and enjoy the lovely Glee. We are all entitled to our own opinions on which characters we like or do not like and we each have our own ships that we like and dislike. Discussing these is fine but please do not bash other peoples opinions/ships, any hate will not be tolerated.

*Please use LJ cuts when posting your work. Leave a description/teaser etc and put the rest under a cut. If you don't know how to do these, just ask!

*Label posts. Let us know if they are work safe or not and give it a rating if needeed. Also let us know if we there will be spoilers and what for e.g - Spoilers for 1x20, Theatricality.

*Get involved and have fun! Let others know what you think of their work etc but be nice! This is after all a place to have fun and make friends! :D

- kurt_mercedes
- gleeklims
- gleeaday
- glee_stills
- gleeslash